Коллекторы для электродвигателей

Commutator diameter from 100 to 2200 mm!

Standard «Dovetail»

Standard with flags

From pressed copper of small diameters

We sell collectors with cast electrical insulation bushing

BEFORE overhaul / AFTER overhaul
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Any geometry

Manufacture of commutators Any geometry, Including commutators with flags

Commutators with increased strength and service life

We use:

• 3D design
• modern materials and technologies
• Commutator production time – 4 weeks!

Quality and technologies

Minimum heating and maximum switching

The use of copper (Cu) alloys with additives (up to 0.1%) of silver (Ag) or cadmium (Cd) gives the least reduction in electrical conductivity with increased mechanical properties and heat resistance.

Temperature up to 300°C

The polymer insulation used has higher electrical strength and retains all its properties at temperatures up to 300 ° C. This insulation is devoid of all the disadvantages of the micanite.

High quality of assembly

Collectors undergo dynamic molding. The ideal shape of the manifold is achieved by rotating under pressure.

Mode of Short circuit

The required safety margin of interlamel and housing insulation allows to withstand the short-circuiting mode. In emergency mode, with a high probability, the collector will remain working.

Fast and secure delivery
risks are insured

We are responsible for the cargo until it is handed over to the client

Direct car

Transport company

By air

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